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Hi Everyone! There are lots going on with all the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Reforms. Members of the forum have been busy working towards the changes, helping to influence the "Local Offer", Personal Budgets and Education, Health and Care Plans (EHC Plans). If you want to find out more about how you can be involved in the local development please contact Jo by emailing parentsvoice@peoplematteriw.org or telephoning 01983 823898 ext 2838.

Parents Voice IW

To download a copy of our membership info leaflet please see here.

If you might be interested in hosting a "Support hub" in your local area, or if you would like to find out more about us along then please contact Jo by emailing parentsvoice@peoplematteriw.org or telephoning 01983 823898 ext 2838.

Local Offer 
The Isle of Wight "Local Offer" website has been designed to help parents and carers find the right support for children with special educational needs and disabilities. To view the website please click here.

To view a copy of the Local Offer leaflet that has been co-produced by the Isle of Wight Council, IW Clinical Commissioning Group and Parents Voice IW, please click here.

Event Resources
If you would like to view the presentations, leaflets or weblinks from our event: When a child becomes a young adult - helping to plan their future please see here.

You can find the Isle of Wight Council consultations by visiting their website. You can also view information about their previous consultations, including those which were SEN and disability related.

Short Breaks
now have their own website pages which you can visit here.

Visit the WightChYPS website for the IW Family Information Service directory. (Click on the WightChYPS Tab to activate the page.)

Contact a Family have written a new parent guide The NHS & caring for a disabled child in England which you might find helpful.

The Isle of Wight branch of Carers UK
has a website. Visit the site to find out information and support that is available for local unpaid carers.

SENDIAS (formerly Parent Partnership)
SENDIASS provides information, advice and support to parents of children with special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities. Please contact them on 01983 825548 for further details or visit their website.

For details of the OCD Support IW meetings please see the Events section of our website.

For information about a support group for those affected by Tourettes please contact
Emma on 07738772045 or emma@tourettes-action.org.uk.

IW Mencap
have a website which can be found at www.isleofwightmencap.org 

Ability Dogs 4 Young People
, a local charity, is training assistance dogs for young disabled people here on the Island. To find out more please visit their website www.abilitydogs4yp.org.uk

The Working Families website has a variety of information including rights at work, benefits and childcare for carers of disabled children and adults. You can also view copies of the Waving not drowning project newsletters and e-bulletins. Other publications are also available, including  From child to adult: a guide to disability, transition and family finances.


To view their latest B4L newsletter please visit the Bridges for Learning website.

Local Support
A local ADHD Facebook Support Group has been set up at http://www.facebook.com/groups/adhdsupportiow/ for parents and carers of someone with ADHD, and also anyone affected by ADHD/ADD is welcomed. You can also find out more by visiting the public info page here, or you can view their poster.

Local Support
Face 2 Face IoW is a befriending scheme for parents discovering their child has additional needs. Please see here for more information about the scheme.

Goodleaf Tree Climbling - Special Branch
 offers woodland activities for disabled young people up to the age of 25 who live on the IW. For more information please visit their website.

For information about courses at Bodster Equine Assisted Learning Centre please see their website.

Symbols Making Sense. This unique reading scheme of more than 40 books is aimed at children and people who need additional support to develop their reading skills. All text is supported by Makaton symbols. Suitable for a wide range of key stages and learning needs. Please visit www.just-special-marketing.co.uk for more information.

Welcome to the Isle of Wight Parents Voice website, run by parents for parents.

Through this website we hope to reach many more parents of children with special educational needs;

•providing an opportunity for parents to have their voice heard and influence decisions that directly affect them and their children by informing parents when their ideas and input are needed, by who and how to get involved.

•providing information on a wide variety of subjects, related to special educational needs, from local support groups and activities to national consultations and events.

•providing parents with the latest news on activities and services for special needs children on the Isle of Wight that may affect or be of interest to them and their family.

We aren't professionals and all our time is given voluntarily but we will do our best to provide as much information as possible in a timely fashion.

If you find any problems with the website i.e broken links or inaccurate information please don't hesitate to contact us at parentsvoice@hotmail.co.uk.

Please also let us know if there is anything you would like to see on these pages that would be of help to you as a parent. We can't promise to cover everything but if we can we will.

We hope you enjoy our website but above all we hope you find it useful and informative.

If you would like the opportunity to become more involved with Parents Voice and help us in influencing the future of services for children and young people with additional needs on the Isle of Wight, please Contact Us.

We aim to encourage parents/carers to "have a voice" and play an active role in ensuring their children are provided with the care that they need, are entitled to and deserve.

By getting involved with Parent Voice IW, you can have a voice and influence decisions that affect you and your family on the Isle of Wight.

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The Isle of Wight "Local Offer" website is aimed to help parents and carers find the right support for children with special educational needs and disabilities.
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